MAY 14, 2020



In response to the Regional Pollinator Plan launched by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the Bordeaux Families Economic and Environmental Initiatives Group (GIEE), which represents 13 wineries and 405 hectares in the Entre-deux-Mers region, is launching its “Plan Bees ”. A set of measures to protect biodiversity and the bees present on vineyards, started in January 2020 and which will continue until December 2022.

The Pollinator Plan initiated by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is organized around 4 major strategic orientations: improving knowledge through a pollen collection project; maintain a pollination service maintain a pollination service transfer knowledge through the next open days; build regional exemplarity by inviting regional actors to publicize the project.

Based on these strategic axes, the GIEE led by Bordeaux Families has established its “Bee Plan” which is broken down into several actions:

  • The planting of hedges and flowered fallows with certain species of honey (200 linear meters planted to date / 6 hectares are planned for the year 2020). A participatory day open to the public is scheduled for the end of 2020 at the Saint-Pey-de-Castets cellar to plant hedges and discuss with the various partners;
  • The use of insecticides with little impact on pollinators and outside their period of activity;
  • The purchase of new beehives and beekeeping training for members;
  • The analysis of pollen in balls allowing to know the origin of the food of the bees;
  • Communication with the 300 members of the group.

“In order to best meet the objectives set by our Bees Plan, we have surrounded ourselves with 3 key players in the field: Arbres et Paysages, the association for the development of beekeeping in New Aquitaine, the association Beekeepers independent and Vitinnov (unit of scientific and technical experts specializing in the protection and management of the vineyard).” says Philippe Cazaux, Managing Director of Bordeaux Families.