MARCH 15, 2020


Louis Vallon

Backed by Bordeaux Families for the marketing of its wines, La Cave Louis Vallon, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, confirms its ambitions and continues its development with a novelty: the Pet’Nat by Louis Vallon. A natural organic sparkling wine made using the “ancestral” method.

Pet’Nat by Louis Vallon: an ancestral manufacturing process

In homage to the festive and sparkling image of today’s sparkling wines, Pet’Nat by Louis Vallon (white: Sauvignon Blanc / rosé: Malbec) offers a return to the roots and explores the origin of the production of effervescent in France. Used all over the world, the ancestral method is based on the strength and liveliness of bottled grapes. It consists of bottling wine that is only partially fermented. It will then finish its fermentation in the bottle, which causes effervescence. After the development time on slats, the wines are disgorged and kept plain – without added sugars.

Producers above all

Three cellars located in Gironde (33) ¬— Saint-Pey, Génissac and Saint-Christophe-de-Double — united in 2018 to become La Cave Louis Vallon, borrowing the name of its eponymous brand of crémants. With 126 member winegrower families and 22 employees, it generated 11.8 million euros in turnover over the last financial year.

La Cave Louis Vallon designs both basic wines sold in bulk to customers making their own Crémant, but also finished products distributed under the Louis Vallon range and marketed by Bordeaux Families. While it offers red wines, Clairet and Crémant (25,000 hl of Crémant processed per year), La Cave Louis Vallon is now unveiling its latest addition: Pet’Nat by Louis Vallon.