Since 1934, a little less than a century looks back upon us. Back then, in order to survive a time of deep crisis, 126 winegrowers joined forces to create the Cave Intercommunale de Sauveterre-de-Guyenne.

After having regrouped along the years with the Caves Louis Vallon and Sauveterre-Blasimon-Espiet, the union now includes 300 families that, above all, consider themselves as such. This is why they chose to rename the company “Bordeaux Families”, like the many grapes of a single cluster.

Bordeaux Families’ aim is simple and comprehensive: produce wines from the vineyard to the cellar, and sell these wines, whether in bottles or in bulk.


Most of the Bordeaux Families vines are found in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, nestled between the right bank of the Garonne to the south, and the left bank of the Dordogne to the north.

It is the kingdom of the Sauvignon grape, the Semillon grape, and the Muscadelle grape, varieties that are primarily used to produce the dry or sweet white wines typical of the region.

Here, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are mainly blended together into high-quality red wines whose production is rising steadily.


True know-how never sleeps! To remain competitive, we regularly apply new techniques and review our traditional work flows: latest-generation pneumatic presses, automated control of all flows, elevator, routing chain, smooth tilting, etc. Over time, we have acquired a wide array of tools to continually improve the quality of our wines in a way that respects … tradition.



Paradoxically, the cooperative is an instrument of freedom.

First, the sharing of certain tasks and operations enables the winegrowers to find the freedom to focus on their core business.

Second, freedom makes it possible for the winegrowers to undertake new projects, to innovate, to take action, and to develop their skills according to their individual convictions and values, which can also be shared and thus become collective.


There is no such thing as freedom without courage.

And also, quite simply, the courage to fight approximations, easy options, and mediocrity. The courage to stand up, together, to the vagaries of weather, and, sometimes, to hostility and lack of understanding.


The cooperative model is becoming both a sign of intelligence and of modernity.

In a world where national cooperative models are being profoundly shaken, the solidarity of the Bordeaux Families model (in the agricultural sector, which is also suffering) is exemplary. Between trade and war, cooperation is the most effective road to peace and stability.

Solidarity is the starting point of that road.

hectares of vineyards including 610 hectares that are organically cultivated


Today more than ever, the earth needs us. The future of the vine and of those who cultivate it depends on this individual and collective realization.

The families of Bordeaux Families take care of the earth, which, in turn, takes care of them. Every innovation includes a proposal designed to respect the environment. Every winegrowing initiative strengthens the bond between winegrowers and their land in a spirit of deep respect. Behind the certifications, the labels, and the accreditations demonstrating the commitment of Bordeaux Families to remain on the path to a true ecological transition lies a recognition of and visceral attachment to the vine and to the earth, but also and especially between the families themselves.

Today, Bordeaux Families is the leading producer of Bordeaux wines and Crémant de Bordeaux sparkling wines. The vineyards are cultivated in an environmentally responsible manner. Committing to sustainable winegrowing is its priority. As a member of the Agri Confiance initiative since 2005, Bordeaux Families is progressing toward HVE3 certification and has 1500 hectares that are part of the Terra Vitis environmental certification network.


With 590 hectares of organically cultivated vineyards, we are bringing new techniques to the vine. This enables us to take our eco-responsible practices further. We have an ambitious yet realistic plan to transition to organic farming: 1,000 hectares in 5 years, representing 20% of the union’s total production as a first step.

ISO 9001 (Bureau Veritas)

This is a voluntary commitment that places quality at the center of the organization, management, production, and sale of our products.
This commitment enables us to continually improve the performance of every entity involved in our cellars as well as the traceability of our wines.

Terra Vitis

With 1,500 hectares cultivated in compliance with the Terra Vitis certification, we place equal weight on the three pillars of sustainable development: environment, society, and economy.
Observation of the field, sharing of experiences, and mutual aid are the key strengths of the Terra Vitis network.


Systematically choosing alternative techniques over the use of chemical products, we have obtained this certification for more than 2,000 hectares of our vineyard’s total surface area. The ultimate aim is to be 100% HVE3 in 2023.
This level, the highest in the category, will guarantee our control of many environmental parameters such as biodiversity, the regulated use of phytosanitary products, etc.

Pesticides classified NON CMR

Protecting our vineyards without using carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances is entirely possible from a technical standpoint. In order to protect not only our vineyards but also our members, our neighbors, and our environment in general, we are committed to excluding the use of phytosanitary products known or presumed to present a potential human health hazard (CMR1) as well as those suspected to present one (CMR2).


White wines in which Sauvignon Blanc expresses all of its freshness and intensity. Elegant and subtle rosés born of a delightful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. Red wines in which the duo of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon plays resonant and particularly aromatic notes. Finally, exceptional sparkling wines in which Sémillon and Cabernet Franc blossom, heightened by a touch of Muscadelle, yielding a soft, floral effervescence.

Just like its vatting room, Bordeaux Families “interprets” its wines in the manner of a piano playing scores written according to the weather, the seasons, the harvests, and the talent of oenologists.




Louis Vallon is our key offering in the sparkling wines market, which is very broad and is enjoying rapid growth in France and everywhere else, especially as regards Crémants.

Sparkling wines are designed for various audiences that share certain commonalities: whether young consumers interested in history and authenticity or traditionalists looking for reassurance, both groups seek history, authenticity, and quality.

Louis Vallon is an offering that meets consumer expectations with a range of Crémant de Bordeaux wines, aged for over 36 months, and a suitable price point for the core market.


Pet’Nat by Louis Vallon, the reinterpretation of a great classic, is our sparkling innovation with a contemporary feel.

Using a winemaking approach that relies on the strength and vivacity of organic grapes, it is a return to the source that is in tune with a societal trend: the desire for so-called “naturally sparkling” wines.

Made according to an ancestral method, fruity and refreshing, available in white or rosé, Pet’Nat’ has an accessible price point that will makes it a pillar of the “made differently” wine offering.


From an environmentally friendly viticulture, Sauv’Terre invites us to rediscover its emblematic grape varieties in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard. This cuvée has its roots in the historic town of Sauveterre de Guyenne

Our winegrowers work hand in hand to preserve biodiversity and pollinators, enhance the landscape and establish a balance between wine growing environments and the natural spaces that surround them.

The Sauv’terre range includes red, white, and rosé wines.


Les Voiles de l’Atlantique is our offering of complex-free, self-assuming conviviality.

Bearing the IGP Atlantique appellation, the range is an invitation to escape, with fresh, light, fruity wines for happy summer moments among friends. A contemporary offering for the present moment, with a price point that reflects the occasion.


Selected year after year, our 50 finest parcels are tended by winegrowers who know what excellence is all about.

Always attentive, they are experts in the cultivation of our local grape varieties, Merlot and Cabernet.

The oenologists in charge of winemaking take pride in transforming these grapes into expressive fine wines. Here, maturation takes on its full meaning and time becomes the critical element in determining the wine’s success.


The Vins de France range represents our winemaking savoir faire that extends far beyond Bordeaux.

Contemporary wines for enjoyment now, with modern blends from several regions, sporting a look that is fresh and original yet a vehicle of heritage, for an offering in harmony with the desires and expectations of the market.


At Bordeaux Families, we also perpetuate tradition through a rich heritage of Bordeaux châteaux representing the appellations of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur, and Entre-deux-Mers.

Each of our château wines is a unique reflection of its terroir, as well as the work and passion of its owners.

Primarily composed of red wines, completed by a select few dry white and sweet white wines, clairets, and rosés, the range also includes organic wines and sulfite-free wines.

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